A window cleaning business is one of the best-kept secrets in the low start up business ideas section. The problem is the stigma which comes attached to the window cleaning profession. Many people think window cleaning is a very low paid, boring job only worthy for losers. But this type of thinking stops people looking into the business with a closer eye and investigating it further.

Window cleaning is an extremely profitable business with very low over heads, and anyone can start with less than £100 to buy your basic equipment.

Window cleaners have the potential to make an excellent living. A fast working window cleaner can earn anything between £20 – £80 per hour depending on which part of the country they are in and whether they are working domestic or commercial window cleaning.

Window Cleaning Insurance – window cleaners have insurance for any possible accidents to people’s property, etc. Insurance can cost anywhere between £80 – £600 pounds per year depending on the type of work being carried out. Insurance is not required by law, but it’s nice to have, and you will sleep better at night.

Your Business is Always in High Demand – society continues to grow. People will not stop having children. Homes and businesses are being built on a daily basis. This is all new business being created for you all the time. People’s lives are becoming more and more busy, with longer working hours and no time for extra chores at home. One in three people has a window cleaner in the UK alone. These people are more than happy to pay you to clean their windows. It’s something less for them to do on their very limited days off on the weekend.

As long as you are physically fit and are willing to do some good old hard work, you can earn yourself some really good money. Anyone from a teenager to an OAP can clean windows. You will never find a shortage of staff because it does not take long to train up a new staff member and have them cleaning windows for your new business.

So there you have it, several good reasons why this is such a good low start up business with great profit margins. A Window Cleaner can make a very good living and so can you.